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Latex Trench Coat



STRIPE ONLY! If you want to purchase through PayPal, ONLY IN DMS!

Please read before purchasing my models or assets!


You are not allowed to do any of the following:

Make my models public

Share, leak or trade my models or assets

Take any parts off my models without obtaining the commercial rights from the original source

Re-use anything I edited under any circumstances

Claim my work as your own

Use on any other platform that is not VRChat

Upload my models to anyone else’s account other than your own

Re-use my assets for personal or commercial use unless you obtain the commercial rights

Each asset will state if you are allowed to use it for commercial, public of free usage, otherwise assume each asset is for personal use only

My models will only come with just the package and nothing else so please provide yourself with the correct tools when importing my models into Unity

My models and assets are automatically banned from being used by anyone who does not allow me to use theirs as well

All Sales Are Final

Failure to follow any of my terms of survive will result in you being banned from all my work and server

Fines and Legal Action will also follow in suit

Latex Trench Coat Info.:

[NOT Allowed on Free Models]

No Texture Included

Rigged to My Edit of Pandaabear's Base!

Credit with: LeBUBBLES#4741 and Link to Store!

For more information you may contact me at:


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Latex Trench Coat

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